Product Review: Luffy Marimo Moss Balls

Product Review: Luffy Marimo Moss Balls

If you own an aquarium, then it is your responsibility to keep fishes in healthy conditions. The internal conditions must be apt for your pets. You cannot just put anything inside your aquarium just to make it more appealing. Whatever you put inside the aquarium does affect your fishes.

In my opinion, living plants are really important for aquariums and fishes. Most of us are not in the favor of keeping living plants in aquariums but they do wonders. These living plants absorb harmful nitrates and make the aquarium healthy for our fishes. There is one plant that has never let me down is none other than the Luffy Marimo Moss Balls. In this article, I am going to give my review about these cute fuzzy balls.

Know about Marimo Moss Balls

Before I give you my review on Marimo Moss Balls, let’s talk about what are these balls first. Marimo Balls are little mushy balls of algae. The name has been given on the fact that these balls look a lot like moss. I have been using these balls for the past 1 year in my aquarium to keep my fishes healthy and also to give my aquarium a natural and beautiful look.

If you are planning to buy these balls then you can order them online. These are easily available on various websites at affordable prices.

What are the benefits of using Marimo Moss Balls?

From what I observed, these balls have several benefits. I have jotted down the major ones:

  • Releases Oxygen

Like any other living plant, it does releases certain amount of oxygen in the water. This keeps aquariums/tanks oxygenated and keeps fishes healthy and happy. I have said goodbye to the noisy air stones after using Marimo balls in my fish tank.

  • Absorbs Nitrates

Like I have said earlier, it absorbs toxic nitrates and other impurities from the water. This helps in maintaining the ecosystem of the fish tank. I do not change water frequently as Marimo Moss balls take care of the little weeds, debris and other impurities that are generated in the water.

  • Easy to maintain

In my opinion, the maintenance of these balls is almost zero. You do not have to take special care of these balls. These need just a little sunshine and water to grow.

The only thing that I have to do to clean is squeeze it gently and then squeeze again out of the fish tank. I do this activity only once in a week.

About the prices of Marimo Moss Balls

I have been using these balls for the past 1 year and quite impressed with their functions. The 4 large balls costs around $9.99 and 4 mini balls costs around $9.75.

I order these balls online and get bulk discounts as well. So, these are highly affordable too.

Review about the Luffy Marimo Moss Balls

I recommend the Luffy Marimo Moss Balls to everyone who loves to keep their tank safe, eco-friendly and healthy. These highly affordable Marimo Moss Balls does not demand a lot of maintenance and are very beautiful and cute to see inside your fish tank.

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