Product Review: Luffy Coco Mini Moss

Product Review: Luffy Coco Mini Moss

People who love to keep a fish tank find it really hard to maintain it. Its maintenance is important and demands your attention. I have a fish tank at home and to give it an amazing green look, I use Luffy Coco Mini Moss. Luffy Coco Mini Moss is an exceptional product which I’ve decided to review. You have to read this article to know about online pricing online, pros and cons and other information about this product.

Luffy Coco Mini Moss is a spongy green colored moss looking aquatic plants. These plants are suitable for every fish tank type. These are known for soaking up harmful nitrates and other unwanted pollutants from the fish tanks.

The Pros and Cons of Luffy Coco Mini Moss

I have been using Luffy Coco Mini Moss the past six months and I have faced absolutely no problems till date. This moss is easily available online at an affordable cost. I have jotted down some of the pros and cons of this moss for your better understanding.


The various Pros of using this moss include:

  • No extra care or maintenance needed: I do not give any extra care and attention to this moss. The only thing I do every once in a week after changing the water of the fish tank is to squeeze it before putting it back in the tank.
  • Longevity: The plant grows really slow. It is hard by its nature. It has a long life so you do not have to spend money in replenishing the plants again and again.
  • Beauty for the eyes: My aquarium looks stunning after I have put Luffy Coco Mini Moss in it. I mix and match it with the other plants to give a natural aquatic theme to my fish tank.
  • Soft Leaves: The leaves of Luffy Coco Mini Moss are extremely soft. Fishes love being around it.
  • Keeps tanks clean and safe: Luffy Coco Mini Moss keep tanks fresh and healthy by sucking up nitrates, fish waste and other unwanted pollutants. This keeps the environment fresh, healthy and safe for the fishes.


In my experience, the only disadvantage of this moss is that one has to buy plenty of these for the larger tanks due to their relatively small size. I have a medium sized fish tank so I bought at least 6-9 moss to keep my fish tank full.

Price and Packages

If you want to buy Luffy Coco Mini Moss, it’s readily available to buy online. I saw mine on Amazon for cheap and it came in perfectly.

You have two options available for buying Luffy Coco Mini Moss on Amazon. One is that you buy a single plant which will cost you around $8.95. The other option is that you buy a set of three Luffy Coco Mini Mosses which will cost you around $19.99.

I recommend Luffy Coco Mini Moss to everyone. The moss is loved by the fishes as this provides them a natural looking environment to grow and it’s a perfectly cheap way to help with the ecosystem of your fish tank.

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