Product Review: Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis

Product Review: Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis

Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis which is also known as water celery, eelgrass and tape grass, is a hardy, freshwater plant. This aquatic plant is popular among people who love to keep aquariums or fish tanks. This live plant is known for boosting the beauty of any aquatic museum. The fishes grow well by getting a beautiful green environment of Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis.

Know more about the requirements of Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis

The Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis have a certain set of requirements. These are essential for their good growth. These include:

  • Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis do not like soft water as they can melt away in it. These are hard water plants and flourish excellently in it.
  • These aquatic plants grow really slow. So, one has to keep patience with them while they adopt the new conditions in the tank/aquarium.
  • These are not compatible with the fertilizer known as Flourish Excel. Constant doses of this fertilizer will make them wither away.
  • Moderate lightning is important. It makes Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis to grow fast and efficiently.
  • Roots need to be placed well and subtract must be fed to the plant regularly.
  • Handling of Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis is really important as leaves can melt away from mishandling.
  • These plants do not like a lot of water movement, so it is best to not plant them around the filter intake or outtake.
  • Their placement in a tank is also important. These are usually background plants as they grow tall. One must place them suitably in a way that their leaves grow tall and long. There should be enough light in the tank.

Why should you buy Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis?

This plant does come with a lot of requirements but still it is among the best aquatic plants. Here is why you should opt for this plant.

  • It is absolutely safe for the aquatic animals. Fishes love their green effect and presence.
  • It definitely adds charm to the fish tanks and aquariums.
  • This plant does not require additional CO2 because they are very good at using dissolved carbonates in the water column.
  • It can be purchased online easily.

Cons of the Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis

It is really important to fulfill all the listed requirements of Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis otherwise, they melt away easily. It is important to provide them conditions as required so that these grow well in the tank.

Know the price of the Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis

The price of a Jungle Vallisneria Spiralis is about $7.99 on Amazon. If ordered in bulk, one can get free shipping on it.

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