How To Grow Aquarium Plants From Seeds?

How To Grow Aquarium Plants From Seeds?

Plants can do wonders for your aquarium, providing your fish with food and oxygen. These aquarium plants keep the water chemistry balanced and are most commonly known as hydrophytes. Growing aquarium plants from seeds can surely change your ordinary tank into a wonderful underwater garden. There are a lot of aquarium plants that you can choose from but they should have one thing in common i.e. they should adapt to living in a water saturated environment.

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What are the requirements to grow aquarium plants from seeds?


For the best care of your aquarium plants, you need to ensure that your tank gets plenty of light. These plants need energy produced by photosynthesis to live and the process of photosynthesis cannot take place without proper artificial or non-artificial sunlight.

Choosing the plant wisely

When it comes to growing aquarium plants from seeds, choose the plant wisely. It plays a very crucial role to the overall aesthetic appeal of the fish tank, so check out forums and other websites, or even your local fish tank supplier for proper information.

Think of the tank size, the size of the plants you want to have and the scene that you want to produce in your tank. Do you want plants with leaves or like a moss or simply like grass? Consider all these things and then choose the best plant to grow.

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The Process

The process is very simple, actually. Add seeds to wet soil first till they germinate. After that, add more water so that it will level up and covers the seeds. Increase the water as the plants starts to grow. Once the seeds start to germinate, transfer the plant to the tank.

It takes a little bit of time but being patient is one of the requirements in successfully growing your aquarium plants.

Some more light

Again, aquarium plants require lots of light. Check the light requirements of the plant that you are growing as many of them require high amounts of direct light. The low light plants do well only when your tank has sufficient light from the windows. Otherwise, you can also plan to light the tank using a fluorescent full spectrum light for the tank.

Furthermore, you can put the tank near some window for natural light but make sure to avoid any bad drafts. Also, keep a tab on the plant bulbs. In case they get mushy or rotten, just throw them at once. If they are firm, wait for some time and they might sprout. Never put them in substrate until they have formed roots.

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Water change

Aquarium plants do not need much water changes the same way as the fish do. But it is still a nice idea if you change the water in the tank. Keep in mind that you do not siphon in the plant bed because this way you may kill or injure the plants. Run the siphon over top of the soil, be careful and see to it that you don’t damage anything.

Last but not least, allow your aquarium to be stable for about 2-3 weeks before you add fish to the tank. Use the short plants in foreground and add the plants in an ascending order.

As the plants start developing, they will also need some supplementary nutrients for growing. Carbon is very important plant nutrient that is used to grow plants. Follow the directions and instructions of the plant food manufacturer carefully to maintain healthy growth of your aquarium plants.

Good luck with creating a beautiful aquarium!

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