What do Betta Fish Eat?

What do Betta Fish Eat?

Bettas are fun, beautiful fish to own! However, you do need to keep their special – and often picky – dietary requirements in mind. This article will review some of the most important factors about feeding your betta properly.

What To Feed

This list will give you an idea of all the varieties of food bettas can eat. You may find that your betta likes eating things it’s not “supposed” to or that it’s so picky it doesn’t even like some of the items near the bottom of this list. You should offer your fish a variety of foods to try and keep track of their dietary preferences.

  • Mosquito larvae are an absolute betta favorite!
  • Live brine shrimp are expensive, but a definite treat for your bettas.
  • Live worms are great, but do not simply go outside and pick up your own as they may have been exposed to pesticides.
  • Freeze dried live food is a good, inexpensive, and quick option for your bettas.
  • Frozen live food is a good option, but it requires you to unthaw just enough to feed.

There are plenty of pre-packaged foods directed towards betta fish. Some bettas love it and some don’t, so give it a shot and see what yours thinks.

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What NOT To Feed

These foods aren’t necessarily dangerous for your betta, but they certainly won’t like it:

  • Pellets: If raised on pellets, a betta will eat them, but once they have anything more decadent than that, they most likely will not touch them.
  • Flakes are another thing bettas sometimes think they’re simply too good for.
  • Cubes are made of compressed freeze dried worms yet most bettas will not get near them.
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When To Feed

Adult bettas should be fed once a day while your fries need to be fed twice a day. If you want your bettas to grow and grow, you may be tempted to feed them often. But, this will just lead to your bettas over-eating and leaving the food they aren’t hungry for to rot in the tank. This will pollute the water and will be a real pain to clean up. Just feed the recommended amount once per day.

You should give your betta only so much food that they can finish it in about two minutes. They should have a soft, rounded belly. If your betta begins looking too flat or “hollow” then you need to feed them more (and if you’re feeding them enough, this may be caused by a bacterial infection).

Hopefully this short guide has put you on the right track to caring for your bettas!

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